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Slide Mood is the kind of creative studio that win an international award for a 20-second graphic video promoting a movie from 20 years ago

Slide We can be the three finalists for best edition with trailers like this one

Slide We can film special campaigns for women's empowerment and take home the awards

Slide Or we can win an award for this impressive transmedia project that became a global case creating a new language in the way of making television

Slide Mood is the kind of ally to have a bang, a car, and a dog for your branded content

Slide But if you want, we can also make an awesome piece from a packshot video

Slide Or with a single shot

Slide Or just a voice-over

Slide We can even turn a simple video case into a cool piece

Slide Whether generating success stories

Slide Stopping the city

Slide Gathering international influencers to fight for civil rights

Slide Making interactive videos of great TV series

Slide Stop-motion for the top brands on the market

Slide Or producing a reality show

Slide MOOD always puts you in the world spotlight

Slide Since 2014, Mood has worked with the world's largest entertainment brands and groups, producing hundreds of very high-end videos every month meeting international broadcast standards.

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Slide keyboard_arrow_down WE ALREADY CREATED CONTENT FOR

Slide REEL

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Slide At Mood, we have a motto: always seek the spotlight.

To be in the spotlight is to do something that makes us proud.
It is doing innovative things.
And mainly: it is connecting with people of different origins, styles and cultures.
In other words, diversity has always been a central topic for us.

For that reason, we are located in different countries.

To unite talents with different points of view. And they are not isolated teams.

Our workflow is characterized by a union of nationalities of our teams in all projects.

Every day we give the opportunity for Brazilians, Venezuelans, Colombians and Angolans to work together and exchange experiences. This creates a rich and culturally diverse environment that promotes respect between people and results in awesome works.

This way of thinking is reflected in our projects.


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